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No downloads

No need to download anything. Paquet is a web app that runs in your browser. All apps you find inside work the same way Paquet does.


Every app on Paquet is verified manually. We make sure that the app is safe and works as intended. We also make sure that the app is accessible to everyone.

Ranked by the community

Apps are not ranked by us. They are ranked by the community. The more people like an app, the higher it will rank. This way you can find the best apps for you.

See if it's for you before you even open it.


Desktop optimized

Mobile optimized

Works offline

Requires authentication

Open source

Close to the community

Built with the future in mind.

  • Deno · Because we love web standards
  • Fresh · Because we love performance
  • Supabase · Because we love open source and privacy

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